Top 5 Small Space Design Tips For Your Home

While it is the desire and wish of all of us to live in spacious, vast rooms, there are times we find ourselves having to do with small spaces. This could be a small bedroom, a small living room, a small kitchen, and so on so forth. However, the size of the space should not limit or hinder our interior design preferences. In fact, proper interior design can help inject new life into small spaces, and even help them appear larger.

Interior-DesignCheck out the below space design ideas, to help bring out the best out of small space;

  1. Use bright colors; bright colors help make the room appear larger, and livelier. Dull colors on the other hand tend to make everything look clumsy. While at it, also go for bright colored curtains to enhance the filtering in of natural light.
  2. Drawers, racks; when buying wardrobes or kitchen cabinets, opt to have the manufacturer include some drawers and racks inside, to create extra storage space.
  3. Sofa can also be your bed; your bunk bed can also be converted into a sofa, when the space available is limited. Manufacturers of these sofas ensure that you can easily convert them into beds, complete with removable mattresses.
  4. Curtain divider; get a high quality curtain to divide two spaces, to not just create more space but also to introduce a unique design element and ideally from chosen interior deign companies. This can be done in an apartment to divide the living room and dining room.
  5. Mirror; get a human size mirror and place it in your bedroom. It makes the room look larger, and also introduces new dimensions to the room, thus adding to the general aesthetic appeal of the room.


With the right interior design ideas, you can turn a small space into a great and convenient place to be in.

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Best rubbish clearance companines in London

Rubbish clearance in London is highly demanding service in London. More than anywhere in UK, London gets the most rubbish at homes, gardedns, and large event grouds. So if you are looking for a rubbish clearance comapny in London, you should know what is the best and maybe few options which you can call and ask for their rates and availability.

Without any doubght Quick Wasters in the best rubbish removal london services provider. They have been in the indurtsy for so long and knows how to provide the most customer friendly services in the town. If you check their website at you can see how they have mentioned their wrok and what they do in city of London.

See the video below that’s the customer review about their great work done in the past.

Next it comes the clearace in Surrey, which is a huge area in London. There is another great company that provides teh services and they are called Rubbish Away Ltd. and they are teh best at what they do and they provide all the types of clearance work in Surrey and even all across London. With years of experience, Tom and the team are well focised to do thier best job and they are alwasy willing to do the job soon.

Visit thier website at


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How to Place New Wall Tile Over Old Tile

Usually, one is advised to remove the old wall tiles, before putting in place new ones. But there can be exceptions, at times one doesn’t have to pull down each tile to make way for the new one. You can place a new tile over the old one and still get wonderful results.

  • Before placing the new tiles, the old ones must be properly bonded to the walls. Otherwise failure to do this, the old tiles will fall off as soon as you place the new ones on top of them.
  • One way to ensure that the existing old tiles are strongly bonded is by gently tapping them. If they sound hollow, chances are that they aren’t properly bonded.
  • Wipe the old tiles and ensure that they are free of any grease or materials that may hinder the adhesive used to stick news tiles, from holding.
  • If you are adding new tiles on backgrounds made of plasterboards, and plaster, you should be on the lookout for the recommended weight limit, per sq unit of measurement. If you exceed this limit you may be inviting structural failure for the wall.
  • Also, always try to ensure that the new tiles such as marble tiles london are of the same measurements as the existing ones. This will not just ensure that they fit in well and perfectly, but also that the overall look of the wall is more attractive and uniform.
  • Lastly, bear in mind that there are special adhesives that are more effective for tile to tile bonding. You should use this, compared to other general kind of adhesives.


Placing new wall tile over the old tiles can help you save money, and even come up with stronger and firmer tiles. Always make use of the above tips when going about it.

See the best marble tiles for offices

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Guide To Find Original Flos Lights in London

flosFlos lights have been ruling over the world of lighting, with their creative and imaginative lighting solutions. From chandeliers, swimming pool lighting, garden lighting, to wall lighting and so much more, Flos lights have proven that they blend innovation with stylishness to give their clients perfect lighting solutions. In order to ensure that you have original Flos lights, you can make use of the below tips;

  1. Partners; Flos lights have partnered with many world class designers in stocking and designing some great lighting solutions. Thus you can visit these partners or associates and get yourself original Flos lights. These partners stock genuine lighting products from Flos.
  2. Website; another easy and reliable way to find a genuine lighting product is by visiting Flos lighting website. Their website contains the latest lighting solutions available and their prices as well. Buying the products directly from flos lights is cheaper than buying from a partner or any other third party.
  3. Shop online; in this era of the internet, shoppers have learnt to purchase products from the comfort of their homes thanks to the presence of reliable shopping sites online. EBay is especially a good place to buy original Flos lighting products at fair prices, and having them shipped to you afterwards. Amazon too is a great place to shop online. However, be sure that the shopping site you use is reputable; don’t pay any money until you’ve seen the product you want and confirmed that indeed it will be delivered to you. There are con sites and con dealers who sell fake or Chinese made lighting products while advertizing them as Flo Lights products.


You can find Flos lights in London at contemporary furniture dealers and sellers are in abundance, just try out the above tips and enjoy the awesome lighting solutions from these experts.

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Find the best Piano Tuner in Lewisham

So you have decided that your piano is off pitch, that it badly and urgently needs to be tuned. Where would you begin, considering that you’re doing it for the first time? Some people panic, and start blaming themselves for not taking enough care for the piano. Others decide to lock up the piano in a cabinet and forget about it temporarily.

However, you’ll be glad to learn that Lewisham is full of professional piano tuners, and all that you need to do is know what to look out for in a piano tuner. Like in any other profession, there will be quacks pretending to be professional tuners, and you should always look out for such.

Reputation; the best piano tuner should have a solid, positive reputation to back him up. Reputation entails various things like the ability to satisfy clients and deliver what they’re promised, to the ability to be trusted. You want a  tuner you can trust to either be the custodian of your piano during repair, or even one who can come to tune it in your house without you having to feel unsafe or insecure.

Accreditation; A good piano tuner should be qualified, and accredited, and if possible, a member of the major piano tuner’s association. These thresholds ensure that the person you pick to tune the piano is a genuine character, and that he or she possesses the skills to tune a piano.

Experience; the longer a piano tuner has been practicing, the higher the chances that he or she is the best person for the job. Beginners and amateurs on the other hand could still be in the process of honing their skills.  You clearly want someone who has tuned a piano before, not someone doing a trial and error method on your treasured instrument.

Insurance; although many people tend to ignore this factor, always ensure that your intended piano tuner is insured. This is to say that if anything bad or unforeseen were to happen during the duration he’s tuning your instrument, he should be able to compensate you. For instance, the piano could be stolen in a break in, the workshop could catch fire, or there may be severe flooding than renders your piano totally unusable. All these are possible scenarios, and the best piano tuners have already thought of them, and gotten an insurance package to cater for such eventualities.


Find the best piano tuner in Lewisham today, and have your piano’s keys and chords restored to their former melodic notes! Visit

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